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About Chat GPT-3 and how it is influencing employee lives?

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The whole world is talking about Chat GPT Chat GPT-3. It is said that these Artificial Intelligence models will be ruling the market in the coming future. So, let’s take a look at what exactly is Chat GPT-3 and how it is going to influence employee and human life?

Chat GPT-3 is a third-generation Artificial Intelligence model which is built in such a way that it can generate any kind of text with the use of internet data. A small amount of input is just enough for Chat GPT-3 to develop the large text. At present, Chat GPT-3 is one of the largest machine learning-based neural networks that was ever produced and it works in such a way that it would be difficult to say whether the work produced by it is by humans or by AI.

Let’s deep in more about Chat GPT-3.

What are the things that Chat GPT-3 can do?

One of the basic functions of Chat GPT-3 is to use both language generation and language processing together to produce human-like texts. Previously, it was difficult for computers or ficial Intelligence to produce a language that is used by humans but now with the introduction of Chat GPT-3, everything seems possible. Generating hum-like texts has become very easy. With the help of Chat GPT-3, one can also create different kinds of poetry, stories, scripts, news articles, reports, or even dialogue.

So, in short, we can say that Chat GPT-3, can produce any kind of text including the programming codes.

Check out these amazing things which can also be done with the help of Chat GPT-3:-

• Helpful in creating food recipes, stories, memes, blogs, and comics.

• Write Jokes and help you with social media posts.

• Helps you decode programming codes.

• Acts as a human while responding to texts thus helpful in Customer service for businesses.

•  Find and fix hidden bugs in programming codes.

How will Chat GPT-3 change lives in the corporate industry?

Everyone knows about Chat GPT- and well it can work for business houses. Chat GPT-3 has been designed in such a way that will some.  jobs easily and quickly. Jobs like Customer service, billings, or maybe content creations are some of the work that can easily be replaced by Chat GPT. Most businesses are trying to cut off costs through the use of Artificial Intelligence. However, to sum everything up, we can say that employee lives will be affected a lot with the introduction of Chat GPT 3, but still, machines are machines and can never match human workers. It would be great when AI and humans both work together.

Here are some of the main reasons why business houses are preferring Chat GPT-3 instead of human workers:-

• Time-Saving- The work that is done by humans in hours can be done by AI in just seconds. This saves all the energy and time.

• Highly Flexible- Any business can make chatbots do any work at any time without any kind of training or extra pay. Thus, Chat GPT-3 can be highly flexible and a great advantage for businesses that want to cut costs.

• Use of Artificial Intelligence- AI is now being used by almost all organizations. There are fewer changes or errors and thus work is done efficiently. This is the reason why most business houses are preferring to use AI over humans.

Some limitations faced by Chat GPT-3

At present, we can say that Chat GPT is one of the most powerful and the most efficient tool that will just transform the way we work. However, this powerful AI-based tool also has some limitations just like other machine learning models which have been discovered before.

So let’s check out some limitations of Chat-GPT 3 as well:-

1. Memory issue– One of the major issues with Chat GPT-3 is that there is an issue with its memory as it cannot retain things as long as we humans can. Thus, it will become a little difficult for businesses and individuals to get their work done in case they wish to know something from the past.

2. Slow version– Chat GPT-3 is a bit slower as it takes a longer time to produce results. This is the major issue that Chat GPT 3 is facing. However, the company is working on this issue.

3. Biased in nature– Another big issue with Chat GPT-3 is that it is biased towards women and the minority classes people and in today’s modern world it is not at all acceptable.

4. Not useful without internet– If Chat GPT is not connected to an active internet then it is really difficult for it to fetch outside information. For example, if you ask about ongoing scores for a cricket match then it won’t be able to find information as the data is not fed into it.

 5. Lacks mathematics skills- Chat GPT 3 is not good at solving mathematics problems with proper methods or equations. The Chat GPT 3 does not contain maths rules and so the answers that will be shown will not be right if you apply the logic.


Chat GPT-3 has been receiving all the attention because of the popularity that it has gained in the last few months. However, when it comes to humans over AI, all we can say is that these chatbots are promising and quick but they cannot match the existence of human minds. It might need some more time for the markets to adopt this new change. Chat GPT-3 is still in a very early stage and it will take some time to understand how it is for the business and the individuals.

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