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What exactly is Chat GPT and how will it rule the market in the future?

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Recently, towards the end of 2022, the news channels and the media were flooded with the news of Chat GPT. While people are still unaware of it, here is a complete guide on what exactly Chat GPT is and how will it influence our lives in the coming years.

So, Chat GPT is a type of chatbot which is created by one of the leading artificial intelligence company that is Open AI. This is not the regular type of chatbot that we deal with. It has performed exceptionally well in its testing stage and now students and professionals are trying to use it more frequently because of its growing popularity. Chat GPT is not just helpful for students or professionals, but it can also be used by businesses and other types of industries.

It is known to be such a processing tool that will give you instant solutions to your problems and also act as a virtual assistant for your needs. Be it writing emails, creating data, checking data, storytelling, coding, programming, chatting, essay writing, story writing, or anything, Chat GPT can do it.

So, let’s deep more into the world of Chat GPT and know some more details about this amazing technology that is going to change all our lives.

Interesting ways in which you would be able to use Chat GPT –

1. Re-phrasing long contents and essays

For students, who often find it difficult to cope with their school or college assignments, Chat GPT will help them in every possible way. All kinds of academic help will be made easy for students. Be it writing an essay or making the textbook words easy to understand, Chat GPT will come to your rescue. University students can take help from Chat GPT for creating research papers and can prepare them easily without much hassle.

2. Organising dates and time schedules

For professionals who miss out on deadlines because of the huge pressure in jobs or at the workplace, Chat GPT is there is help you now. Just tell Chat GPT about your deadlines and submission dates finance and it will keep reminding you about the task that is yet to be done. You need not worry about missing out on any deadlines.

3.  Writing formal emails

So, writing formal emails has always been a tough task for everyone out there. Choosing the right words before actually sending out the mail is a very important thing otherwise everything can go wrong. This AI-driven Chatbot that is Chat GPT will now also help you in curating the best formal mail or letter to your manager or your subordinate. Chat GPT knows how precise it should be while setting out a meaningful mail letter. It will provide you with the whole subject matter in just seconds and thus save you time to a great extent

4. Film Documentaries and Film Scripts

Ever thought how about your thoughts can also be put to writing with the use of AI chatbots? now GPT can simply transform your thoughts and analysis into words in just seconds. You just need to ask the Chat GPT to provide its views on any storyline be it an old movie or book. This will help you gain some more new ideas before you create your content. Providing summaries or lines for your scripts is now made easy with the help of Chat GPT.

5. Complex coding

It may so happen that you may be required to code something at your work or you may be learning a new code that you find difficult. Now you can use Chat GPT for all your coding problems. Also, if you mention the programming language which you want to be used, it will directly write the complete code for you.

How to use Chat GPT?

Using Chat GPT is simple. You just need to have an account with Gmail or Microsoft. While using Chat GPT, you should log in with your registered E-mail manually. Also, you will get a dropbox where you will be required to enter your phone number.

After you have successfully logged in, you will get a confirmation message to your registered number, and now you will have to complete the entire setup. Now, finally, you will see a Chat GPT text box where you can ask all your doubts nd questions and in seconds the answer will be in front of you.

Advantages of Chat GPT especially for businesses:-

Cost Cutting – Big businesses have a chance to remove the additional staff doing the work that can be easily done by Chat GPT. So, it is an advantage for the business as they can cut their costs.

Improved Customer- The biggest advantage of Chat GPT is automated and improved Customer Service. The AI-built chatbots can easily answer customer queries in much less time as compared to human staff.

Better Efficiency- Improved efficiency is one of the major advantages of Chat GPT. It makes your work more efficient and helps with time-saving. This is a great feature, especially for the content creators

Language Support- ChatGPT supports different kinds of language. It can produce answers and content in almost all types of languagandndwhichs is an advantage for a business that is involved in international business.

The launch date of Chat GPT and Company details

Chat GPT was introduced in the market in November 2022. The company which launched Chat GPT is Open AI which is also partially funded by one and only Elon Musk. The whole Open AI is dedicated to the artificial intelligence market. The recent CEO of Open AI is Sam Altman and reportedly, he is also the founder of this company.


Chat GPT is a new revolution in the AI market. It will not only influence the lives of the people but it will also make everything available more quickly. It is highly beneficial especially for students and professionals. However, for students in schools or colleges, there must be made some restrictions as to use ly required otherwise it may hamper their thinking capability. Tools like Chat GPT is a win-win situation for everyone and it will be the talk of the town shortly.

However, it must be made clear that with the introduction of Chat GPT, we must not use it as a substitute for our work, thinking capacity, meaning full learning, and personal reflection in our work.

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