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Creating a Text Adventure Game with ChatGPT

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In several different ways, you can use ChatGPT, and Creating a Text Adventure Game with ChatGPis one of the best use of this open AI. However people have already experimented with several use cases of ChatGPT, but there are still more ways to use this powerful AI-powered chatbot. You can create a text adventure game using Chat GPT and play it straight into the browser in ChatGPT itself. One important thing to remember is that ChatGPT is not a simple chatbot. Instead, it can imagine entire virtual worlds with the power of its large language model.

Games, where you can interact with the game world as well as with NPC characters are called Text Adventure games. ChatGPT is used to create responses to player input. It also helps create dialogue branches and allows a huge range of possible interactions and outcomes. Many developers and AI enthusiasts use this technology to recreate classic games. They also use it for writing code for original games and creating story ideas and dialogue for text adventure games.

You can encounter different characters and creatures with ChatGPT, each with its personality and agenda. Moreover, ChatGPT also uses to generate natural language conversations between you and the non-player characters. It will make the whole experience feel more like a real conversation. In this short guide, you will learn how to create a text adventure game using ChatGPT.

Download a Programming Language:

To create a text adventure game using ChatGPt, first, you need to download a programming language known as” python.” It is specifically used for creating text adventure games. Using this language, anyone can easily create their own text adventure game, whether or not they know how to program. Unlike other programming languages, it mostly consists of existing English words and grammar. So, it is essential to download the right version of the software.

When you open the software, a welcome screen appears. Press the “create new” button and then “projects” to start creating a Text Adventure Game with ChatGPT. In the end, could you give it a great and attractive name?

Develop your Character:

After downloading a programming language, you must write a prompt to use ChatGPT. For example, you can write a prompt like this. Give a completely believable personal identity for a detective. There must be a love interest and some great skills they have to perform their job. In addition to this, you have to add the responses, including name, age, occupation, appearance, etc. For example, you can write your prompt like this:

Name: Add any of your favorite names

Age: suitable age limit for the character, depending on the occupation you choose

Occupation: Any of your favorite like detective

Physical Appearance:

In this section, you need to write your character’s physical appearance. For example, your character’s name is John, who is 35 years of age and works as a detective. You can write his appearance like this, John is a tall man at 6’2″ height and have a muscular build. His short black hair and piercing gray eyes show him as very professional. In addition, he keeps a well-groomed beard and mustache. He is always seen in a well-tailored suit.


Now, here you have to describe your character’s background, like which city he belongs to and other important information. Considering the above example, you can write the background of John like, he was born and raised in Melbourne. His father was a police officer, and his mother was a doctor.

When growing up, his father’s cases surrounded him and the excitement of the police force. From a very young age, he knew that he wanted to follow in his father’s footsteps. That’s why he joined Criminal Justice College. Here he gets a degree in criminal justice. After that, he joined NYPD and worked as a beat cop for several years. Then he was promoted to detective.


In this section, write about some extraordinary skills of your character. Like, John has outstanding detective qualities. He has a sharp mind and put keen attention to detail. Additionally, he profoundly understands criminal psychology and can get inside the mind of even the most dangerous criminals. He has expert skills in the analysis of crime scenes. So, he is popular for tracing clues that others might miss.

Create Your Adventure Story:

After writing the first prompt, write the second prompt like this: write your personalized text adventure game story where you must describe a scene in each section and provide 4 choices labeled as A, B, and C. The setting is the city your character belongs to. At the end of creating a Text Adventure Game with ChatGPT, include the story you want to add to your game. In this section, you must also include how your character gets the work and how he will solve the case. The whole story of your story revolves around your main character. 

Choose Your Adventure Game:

In the final step, write the following prompt in ChatGPT after your second prompt.

Act as a programmer and give me step by step guide on how to create the above story game. Additionally, provide a step-by-step explanation of the code. ChatGPT will provide the programming language code you use for creating a text adventure game. It will also explain what the code uses to create your game. The following response you will get from ChatGPT.

  • Import Necessary Module
  • Set up Initial Variables
  • Define the Function for each Scenario
  • Explain the Main Game Loop

Testing and Fine-Tuning Your Game:

After completing all the above mentions steps, it is time to test your game and fine-tune it for the best possible experience. Play your game, interact with it, and note any areas that require improvement. Fortunately, you can also adjust the temperature parameter in the ChatGPT API request. It will help you to control the randomness of the created responses.


ChatGPT is the best tool to improve natural language dialogue in adventure games. It will allow for a more immersive and engaging player experience. For Creating a Text Adventure Game with ChatGPT, you need a few minutes, and you will get a fully customized, unique game. With this article, you now have the foundation to create an engaging, dynamic narrative that adopts your choices and interactions. Undeniably, with some creativity and fine-tuning, you can create an unforgettable gaming experience powered by the advanced AI capabilities of ChatGPT. In addition, you can allow your imagination to run wild with ChatGPT, and you will be surprised by the results you get. Exploring a world you create using ChatGPT power is undoubtedly an outstanding feeling.

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